J.J. Abrams Grants Star Trek Fan’s Dying Wish

Children's Defense Fund-California 22nd Annual "Beat the Odds" Awards - ArrivalsIts been revealed the director J.J. Abrams has granted a dying Start Trek fan his last wish by giving him a private screening of an early edit of Star Trek Into Darkness

The 41 year old terminally-ill cancer patient, known as ‘Dan’, is believed to have just two weeks left to live and as a huge Star Trek fan and fan of the last film, his last wish was to get to see the new film. His wife and friend posted his wish on Reddit hoping the Reddit community would be able to help out.
Word is that Direcor J.J. Abrams herd of the the request and contacted the family and arranged a private screening of the currently unfinished film.

Dans wife later posted on Reddit

“We are of course sworn to secrecy, BUT we are officially allowed to say we saw it and we enjoyed it IMMENSELY as a film and as a gesture,” she wrote. “This is a story of us giving something to him, the internet community giving something to him and ultimately being a heart warming gift to our friends, family and so many others… Also, it was truely amazing that a filmmaker so secretive as JJ Abrams was kind enough to show this to us.


Star Trek crew


I raise a toast to J.J. Abrams……….well done sir!!


Source: Sky News

Reporter: Soulfinger

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