Jack Staff: Yesterday’s Heroes Comic Review

Who’s it by? Writer/Artist Paul Grist

What’s it about?

Jack Staff, Britain’s Greatest Hero, has been active since at least World War II. During World War II, he was active with the Freedom Fighters, a group of American and British superheroes: Sgt. States, Blazing Glory, and Tommy Tornado.

The story picks up in modern day England and Jack is merely an heroic footnote in history or is he?

Review it:

Jack Staff: Yesterday’s Heroes is great, go and buy it. Here ends the review…What? Oh I have to justify myself…fine.

I’m a huge fan of old school, pulp adventures like Indiana Jones, Doc Savage, The Rocketer, The Shadow etc. This comic was a great addition to the pulp superhero genre. Even though it’s set in modern day this comic could easily be set in the 1930’s.

The story as told in this collection of the first four issues is spilt up into chapters. There are also flashbacks galore but these serve to give you an insight into many of the characters motivations and moving the plot forward.

I loved the art. There was a simplistic and yet, in contrast, a detailed feel to it. They style reminded me of the Tintin books by Herge. I hope Paul takes that as a compliment as I was a huge fan of the Tintin stories.

Besides Jack there are a myriad of different heroes to root for and some seriously cool names, like Tommy Tornado or the ‘Q’ Investigators of the unexplainable. All of the stuff with Jack’s old team the Freedom Fighters is in flashback I hope this continues as I want to see more of their wartime adventures.

The characters are all well developed and have that pulp vibe to them. Any of these characters could get a spin off comic which I’d pick up (personally I’ love to see a ‘Q’ Investigators comic’).

This was a great, fast read, which was just a lot of fun. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes the old school pulp comics or more recent offerings like Atomic Robo. This has that same sense of fun and wide eye adventure that I love in this type of genre. I know this series has been out for a while but that should mean it should be reviews or that it’s too late for you guys to go and pick it up. I know I’ll be hunting down the remaining issues to get caught up, so look out for more reviews of Jack and the gang!

Rate it: 5/5 (bear in mind though that’s from someone who loves this genre)

Dry Slaps: 0

GS Reviewer: The Nuge

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