James Cameron says Hollywood is out of Ideas!

Mr Cameron, who has directed two of the Terminator films, Aliens, Piranha II: The Spawning and is currently making his Avatar Movie into a trilogy has stated that he thinks the only reason sequels exist is because Hollywood is out of ideas and is forced to re-use the same characters and storylines.

“We have a story crisis, Now they want to make the ‘Battleship’ game into a film. This is pure desperation. Everyone in Hollywood knows how important it is that a film is a brand before it hit theaters. If a brand has been around, ‘Harry Potter’ for example, or ‘Spider-Man,’ you are light years ahead. And there lies the problem. Because unfortunately these franchises are becoming more ridiculous. ‘Battleship.’ This degrades the cinema.”

Cameron also said that the only reason Harry Potter was split into two films is because they knew they could make extra money. Meanwhile Cameron released Avatar in the cinema TWICE, made two separately released DVD/Bluray versions of the movie and is currently converting Titanic into a 3D movie for a cinema release.

I always find it funny when directors shout about what’s wrong with Hollywood whilst they are doing what they are shouting about! He himself has proven that you can make a good sequel. Making sequels is not the problem.

Source: Spiegel

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