James McAovy might leave X-Men: First Class

So far I’m not happy about some of the decisions that have been made about X-Men First Class but I was happy about the casting of James McAvoy. He’s a great actor and a all round good guy.

It turns out that James is a big supporter of The UK Film Council, They we responsible for a chunk of funding for The Last King of Scotland. He’s kinda passionate about it, well Director Matthew Vaughn has the opposite view, he thinks the UK Film Council wastes money that could be better used. This has lead to a rift between the director and the actor.

Vaughn recently made this comment:

James and I have discussed this, He’s still in the movie… just. James is an actor and actors don’t necessarily know what’s best for them. That’s on the record. But he’s a brilliant actor and he’ll be great in this film.

A little bit of my respect for Vaughn just died. Going on record saying actors don’t know what’s best for them is kinda unprofessional! and I wouldn’t blame McAvoy if he were to leave the film.

Source: The Express

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