Jaws Hitting Blu-Ray in September

It’s time to jump out of the water and to get that bigger boat because JAWS is making its long awaited Blu-Ray debut on September 3rd in a feature packed, fully restored &  re-mastered release.  To celebrate this highly anticipated event, Universal are also given you the chance see the film on the big screen, as Jaws will make a limited return on selected cinemas across the UK.

For those of you that don’t know (and really if you don’t shame on you, go stand in the corner), JAWS is Academy Award® winning director Steven Spielberg’s oft imitated but never bettered classic edge of your seat thriller that not only has been scaring the living daylights out of people for over 30 years but also single handily invented the term ‘Summer Event Movie’.

The Story: When the seaside community of Amity finds itself under attack by a dangerous great white shark, the town’s chief of police (Roy Scheider), a young marine biologist (Richard Dreyfuss) and a grizzled shark hunter (Robert Shaw) embark on a desperate quest to destroy the beast before it strikes again.

Featuring over 4 hours of brand new extras, including two new features “The Shark Is Still Working” & “Jaws: The restoration” as well as outtakes, deleted scenes and loads more,  the Blu-Ray also comes packed with both a Digital & Ultraviolet Copy.

You can watch the Blu-ray trailer now at http://bit.ly/IeM7Yw and pre-order on play.com http://bit.ly/HxpbC9 or Amazon http://amzn.to/HxS1AA.

Source: Universal
Reporter: Phil Hobden

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  1. Damned fine film. Haven’t seen it for years, so I’m due another viewing – and I would kill to see it on the big screen. Hell, I’d even kill you to see it on the big screen, Phil ;-D
    (When did you start posting things on GS mate, I hadn’t realised! Welcome to the madhouse.)

  2. philhobden /

    Ha! Cheers D. Just this week. I offered my services to do a bit of film news here and there.

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