Joe Shuster’s Story Released for Superman’s 80th Birthday

2018 is the 80th anniversary of Superman’s first appearance in Action Comics #1 and there have been plenty of celebrations with a book, a super-sized Action Comics # 1,000 and a series of special covers on regular DC comics (not to mention the incredible cover art – now available as a print – from Nicola Scott).

As cool as these are, there is something even more exciting that will be released this month !  On May 15th a new graphic novel is being published which focuses on the life of Joe Shuster, the artist who brought the first superhero to life: THE JOE SHUSTER STORY, The Artist Behind Superman.

This important new work by writer Julian Voloj (whose Ghetto Brother GN was another insightful look at a fascinating person) and acclaimed artist Thomas Campi (Sydney based illustrator who did the excellent Magritte: This is not a Biography) showcases the best and worst of comic book history.  It charts the unprecedented success of Shuster and his co-creator and best friend Jerry Siegel experienced as their character Superman took the world by storm, the backlash against comics spearheaded by Fredric Wertham and final years filled with acclaim and pain.

I reckon this is an important work spotlighting one of the most important comic creators in history, and long overdue. And that’s not all – it also deals with themes of ambition, the intersection of art and commerce and the joy of unbridled creativity.  I’ve already pre-ordered this one and recommend those of you who are interested in history, art and the medium we love called comics to do the same so you don’t miss out !

THE JOE SHUSTER STORY: The Artist Behind Superman is released on 15th May from Super Genius. It can be ordered directly from Super Genius or from your local comic or book shop !

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