Johnny 5 is Alive… Again

Anyone remember the film Short Circuit about a robot who gains feelings. Yes? Well don’t you think it is time for a remake.

The people at Dimension Films seem to think so. I loved the original movie and even the sequel. In fact I still listen to the theme tune by El Debarge but I digress. I have heard numerous rumours about a new Short Circuit as either a part 3 or a remake but this seem to be the most concrete we have heard in a long time.

Dimension optioned the remake rights in 2009, originally signing Paul Blart: Mall Cop helmer Steve Carr and screenwriter Dan Milano. The project has languished and Tim Hill is being brought in to supervise a new script and get the iconic robot Johnny 5 moving.

Tim Hill seems like an OK choice having directed a few family movies including Alvin and the Chipmunks, HOP, and er Muppets in Space. Well they better get Steve Guttenberg in a cameo or there will be trouble.

SOURCE: Deadline

GS Reporter: Montoya

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