Join The Geek Syndicate in a Galaxy Far Far Away!

One of the most highly anticipated MMO games to come around in the last few years is Star Wars the Old Republic. If you are a Star Wars fan and a gamer you’ve probably already preordered your copy (if you haven’t stop reading and go and do it). The great news is Bioware have graciously decided to let people set up their guilds before the game actually launches this Christmas.

The Staff of The Geek Syndicate have set up our own guild and we are throwing the doors open to the rest of the GS community! Come join up now and fight the Evil Empire on the side of good!

Click HERE and sign up for an account and join the guild. We are not going to be a work intensive guild, we are just going to be a community of players that will help each other out in game when needed. no schedules to keep or expectations to meet. We will be on a European server though so those of you in the US are warned. Thanks!

GS Reporter: Matt

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