Jon Hamm to play The Man of Steel?

Mad Man Star Jon Hamm is apparently in the running to play Clark Kent/Superman in the Reboot that is currently under consideration by Warner bros.

Personally i’ve never seen anything with Jon Hamm in but i am informed by many that Mad Men is AWESOME and he is one of the main reasons why this is. He definitely has the look of Superman physically and I’ve heard he can play the Clark Kent role well. I’m behind this is Warner Bros want to hire him to play the role (anyone but Brandon Routh’s emo superman and i’ll get behind it)

Some say he’s too old but to them i say lets start the movie 6-8 years after Superman has been on the scene and just jump right in to the action! Everyone already knows who superman, Lois and Lex are so there is no need to over burden the movie with exposition! i want Superman to beat up a 20 story robot in the first 10 minutes of the movie and the movie should end with Supes and a power suited Lex fighting in the streets of metropolis!

Warner Bros need to stop trying to recapture what they got in the 70’s with Richard Donner and Chris Reeve, lets move on and make a new Superman for this generation a superman that hopefully punches people and doesn’t stalk Lois for half the movie.

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