Joss Whedon To Write and Direct ‘Avengers 2′

Good news for for fans of the Avengers film…sorry the Avengers Assemble film *sighs*

Although Joss had been saying that he had not decided  if he would return to the world of the Avengers for a second film Disney head honcho Bob Iger has announced that Joss will  be taking the the directors chair for the sequel which he will also be writing.

I’m glad that Joss is on board with the next film as I thought he did a cracking job putting together the first film. It will be interesting to see where he takes the second film now that the Avengers have indeed been assembled. I’m guessing that, at the very least, what we saw in the after credits scene will play a big part in the next film. I’m also wondering if we can expect some more characters from the Marvel universe putting in an appearance?  (Spidey cameo perhaps?).

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  1. Sony aren’t gonna give the rights to Spidey back to Marvel until they start flopping at the cinema. Given the reboot of Fantastic Four on its way I wouldn’t put money on an appearance by them either. My hopes are for unfilmed characters like Ant Man to make their debut – perhaps as a tester towards their own spin-off movie. Whedon needs to shuffle the Avengers pack a bit to keep things fresh and prevent star egos from warping the franchise (yeah, I’m looking at you Halle Berry!).
    You know Joss will do us proud though, whatever he chooses to do.

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