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Last year, Geoff Johns closed out Comic-Con International with news that gave long-time Legion fans a cause for rejoice and if they didn’t have one already, a reason to watch “Smallville.” The superstar writer contributed a script to the CW’s primetime powerhouse that placed the Legion of Super-Heroes smack dab in middle of the “Smallville” mythos.

Well he’s at it again. It was announced Sunday at the “Smallville” panel that this season, Johns is shifting his focus from a superhero team protecting the world thousands of years in the future to comicdom’s original superhero

team – The Justice Society of America.


No airdate was announced for the episode but Johns said, “I think it will be around the same time as last season, maybe early to mid-January, but we haven’t locked down the exact airdate yet.”

“I can not to tell you that yet. But I can tell you there might be a character or two that you won’t expect,” teased Johns.

This sounds interesting. Is it going to get me to watch Smallville? Not really. I feel the whole “Let’s do everything we can to hld back from saying both S-words” is really annoying. If you wanted to make a Superman TV series with out the Superman, you could be doing better just by using a character from scratch. But I will be keeping tabs to see whose going to be on the JSA roster. I was a big fan of that group when I was reading comics.

*crosses fingers for Wildcat*

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  1. You forgot the “e” in sayeth, brother. Don’t get the bible-thumping Smallville fans mad! 🙂

    I just hope they give validity to the rumors and just turn Smallville into Metropolis. I don’t watch Smallville anymore, but I would if they actually went with the later years of Clark Kent.

    • roy3 /

      Oh yay.

      More of “Let’s not say the S-words”.

      Redblue Blur is headache inducing. It’s like my brother pretending to be a Flash-like character who looks and sounds and even has the same origin as Flash, but is really Redman!!!

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