Judge Dredd: Block War Miniatures Game on Kickstarter

Enjoyed the new Dredd movie? Fancy of of that Block War Action for yourself? Well small wargames publisher Mongoose Publishing is running a Kickstarter for an expansion of it’s successful Judge Dredd Minatures Game called “Block War”. The rules will be free and available for all, but the money will fund new lines of 28mm figures for the game itself.

Full details are available at their kickstarter page which has already reached its main target and is working on new Stretch Goals. There is also a demonstration video below!

I actually own some of these figures and the original rule set and to be honest if you (or someone you know) is handy with a paintbrush they’re great little miniatures in their own right, even before you get to fight it out some lowlife perps!

Source: Mongoose Publishing
 Matt Farr

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