Jurassic Park IV Claws its Way onto Screens in 2014

We have been hearing lots of goings on about a fourth Jurassic Park but now we have a date from the producer himself. Frank Marshal confirms when it will happen and what it will be.

For me Jurassic Park was ground breaking but number 2 was dark and boring while number 3 was just action and fun all the way. I am not opposed to another JP film and I welcome it in fact as they are great popcorn movie events.

Marshall has said that it will not be a reboot or remake but a sequel to JP 3 which was directed by Joe Johnston who later went on to direct Captain America The First Avenger.

The producer also went on to say that with new technology the advancements that have been made will have a big impact on the look and feel of the film.

No word on a director as Steven Spielberg is taking the producer role only.

I say bring it on.


Source: Collider
GS Reporter: Montoya

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