Jurassic Park: The Game

Earlier this morning, I received a newsletter from Telltale Games asking if I’d pre-order their latest title Jurassic Park, prompting me to check out what the game is all about. So I thought I’d share what I had gathered with the GS community.First off, the Deluxe Edition looks pretty awesome for fans of the Movie franchise, check out the picture below to see what’s included:

Deluxe Bonuses!

Released on November 15th on PC and Mac, with later dates for Xbox 360, PS3 iPad. The game is set during the time of the first movie and it’s main aim is to tie up the loose end of the stolen Dinosaur embryos taken by Dennis Nedry to experiment on. Dennis is ambushed, and (SPOILER ALERT) killed by some vicious-looking dinosaurs when trying to transport the embryos. Thus making this ‘a fantastic place to pick up the story of the game’ said Kevin Boyle, executive producer at Telltale Games. Someone has their eye on these embryos, as a smuggler infiltrates the island, not knowing or course, that the dinosaurs have been let loose and the island is falling apart. Everyone trapped and has to escape, but each person has their own agenda… Sounds ominous…

Telltales’ website – JurassicParkTheGame.com – has an awesome ‘tour’ feature which gives a tourists’ guide to Isla Nublar, and I encourage everyone anticipating this game to go and check this section out, and even if you’re not it may just change your mind! Everything you might need to know about the island is told here, with a brilliant ‘real life’ touch. Also, if you’ve ever wanted to know more about Dinosaurs, there are some very informative videos here. Corresponding to where each species of Dinosaur can be found on the island.Plus, there is a great behind-the scenes video embedded on there homepage, giving a little more info on the game.

GS Reporter: Tom

Source: Telltale Games Newsletter

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