Justice League Dark movie to tie-in to Man Of Steel

Justice_League_Dark Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Darkest Knights’ flick will be set in same universe as Man Of Steel, and given the Easter Egg, The Dark Knight

In a recent MTV interview, director Guillermo del Toro stated that he intended to tie the planned Justice League Dark movie, to the expanding Warner Bros DC universe which includes The Dark Knight movies, Man Of Steel and the forth-coming Justice League film.

“I think that the great thing about the Dark Universe is that you have this possibility of basically creating this supernatural group, and you can play with different worlds, but I would love to see the DC Universe become as cohesive as the Marvel Universe, so if there is any correlation I will honour it.” said del Toro.

The director also gave an update on the movie, which is hoping to feature the darker elements supernatural elements of DC Comics universe including John Constantine, Zatana, Deadman and Swamp Thing.

“I’m writing it right now,” he said. “I’m rewriting the outline. We have a writer that we’re waiting for, so I said to Warners I will rewrite the outline in the meantime.”

As stated previously, I would love this to happen for no other reason than Marvel retaliating with Marvel Dark Knights movie, including Daredevil, Punisher, Ghost Rider and others.

Source: MTV
Reporter: SilverFox

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