Kapow! CLiNT Panel Review

It’s now a while after Kapow!, I had a great time there; spent plenty of money and met some great people, and of course got into a great panel – the CLiNT panel on the Saturday morning. I had high expectations for the panel, which boasted some great guests and alot of different news snippets that could come out of it, this was definitely a must-see panel for me.

Due to our early line-queuing we got pretty close to the front, which was good, as I doubt we’d have been able to see over the tops of fellow geeks head’s due to the level seating in the Auditorium.

A large table commanded the front of the Auditorium with two CLiNT pop-ups standing either side. Mark Millar, Nick Landau and Stewart Lee entered. Not exactly the all-star cast of TV and Comic stars we were promised, with Frankie Boyle proclaiming that he ‘couldn’t be arsed’ and Jonathan Ross having to leave early for New York, the three panelists we were left with had some big shoes to fill. And lets just say that those shoes were splitting at the seams!

Talk started with the CLiNT magazine regarding future plans and overall aims, but nothing major cropped up. The main gist that came of this section was the focal aim of CLiNT is that the magazine should be used as a breakthrough platform for creators, like 2000AD once was. Another great piece of news was that Kick-Ass 2 will be published in full in CLiNT first, before the single US issues are published under Marvel’s Icon imprint, we were also warned that those of us who ‘wait for the trade’ will be waiting for at least three years due to John Romita Jr’s Marvel exclusivity. Single issues it is then.

Moving onto Millarworld movies now, with Nemesis being released sometime next year, but no official date was given and with hopes that the comic Nemesis 2, will be released in line with the movie. The Kick-Ass 2 movie has not been moved into production yet, as Matthew Vaughn wants to make sure he has a huge Hollywood budget to play with.

After that though, the panel sort of got a little unorganized. I think it was right after the crew brought in plates and plates food for the trio’s lunch, which was later offered out to attendees. A favorite moment of mine was in Millar’s reasoning to why they changed the ending to American Jesus in CLiNT from what it originally was in the trade. Millar said that he realized that he’d been using buggery too often, and it had became his trademark thing to do. To which Stewart Lee poked “You were ashamed because it had become a cliché, not because it was morally wrong.” Another fantastic moment, courtesy of Stewart lee, was him remembering his favorite use of Shakespearian dialogue, after Millar declared his hatred for Ultimate Thor’s use of it, which was Valkyrie saying “Dave, thou hast AIDS.”

More bitching took place with Stewart Lee and Millar at the helm. It was hilarious to see Lee interrogate Millar about who, what where and why the people who took over characters that Millar wrote ruined them for him. The main reason for him sticking to creator owned projects.

Of course the reasoning behind the magazines name of CLiNT came up. I’m sure most have realised which favourite word of Millar’s ‘CLiNT’ looks like, and yes that is the sole reason for Millar using it for the title of his magazine. Until the 80s (I think) Marvel banned the use of the words clint and flick due to bad printing, so Millar said it was a toss up between the two. He said that he still does his best to use them both in his Marvel work wherever possible. Stick it to the man!

It was a truly awesome panel, and I’m glad that we managed to get in. I’m not so glad, however, about it being my only panel throughout the whole of Kapow!. For one reason or another, mainly regarding Sushi, we weren’t able to get into the Thor and Green Lantern panels, huge bummer.

GS Reporter: Tom

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