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I’ve been enjoying tabletop games for a couple of years now, mainly – due to my mental state – at home or with friends. Just recently, I’ve been feeling the urge to actually get out and meet more people with similar interests around my home near Nottingham.

Over on Kickstarter is the perfect solution for people who may be like me – boardgamers who could do with meeting other players, or may be people who just want to dip in and out and socialise while having a great time. The Dice Cup will be an excellent venue. Of that I have no doubt.

A definite location has not been decided yet as this will be one of the factors determined by how successful the kickstarter is. However, the venue will be very close to the market square in the centre of Nottingham and thus easy to get to by bus, tram, car or other means.

The team are looking for a minimum of £11,000 and in just a couple of days have managed to raise over £4,500 so they are well on the way to achieving something special. The Kickstarter project runs until 26 June 2015.

I’ve made my pledge and assured my membership. Pledge rewards are focussed around memberships and also discounts in the cafe once it opens which is a great way of going about it.

If you want to support the project, head on over to The Dice Cup‘s Kickstarter page and pledge away. Be sure to check out their Add-Ons as well. My wife and I will be sponsoring a game for our Daughter from one of our pledges. So please: head on over and show your support.

I hope to see you in the cafe!

Source: Kickstarter

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