Kickstarter Campaign for Atomic Robo Animated Movie – Atomic Robo: Last Stop

If you have ever fancied seeing Atomic Robo and his pals animated then read on and check out the news on the Kickstarter project which is hoping to do just that.

Do your part for Science! Atomic Robo: Last Stop is an independent animated short based on the popular indie comic Atomic Robo, created by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener. The Fictory has logged hundreds of hours in pursuit of finishing this project. We’re close, but we can’t finish this project with out YOU!Our modest goal is to reach $12,000. Not a lot by animation budget standards but it’s just enough for us to wrangle in the last batch of work needed to complete the project.

I’ve loved the Atomic Robo comic from the first issue and years later the adventures of Atomic Robo and the Action Scientists have yet to put a foot wrong in my eyes. The Kickstarter project which was started to raise money to fund an animated movie for the Atomic adventurer has already smashed it’s target of $12,000 and currently have $43,874 pledged with a little over a month. This level of fan commitment should give you some idea of the support this project has.

You can watch the kickstarter funding video made by The Fictory, the animation team behind the project here and also on the site you can see the different funding levels that are in place for those looking to contribute to the project.There are some great incentives on offer to those with money in their pockets who want to help out.

Check out this trailer which gives us a fantastic look at what we can expect from an Atomic Robo movie.

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Source: Atomic Robo – Last Stop

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