Kickstarter & Star Wars Starting to Get Ridiculous!

deathstarAbsolute proof that some people have more money that sense!

We recently we reported that the Kickstarter has started a campaign to raise funds to, well basically, design & build a Death Star. I took this in good faith, and presumed that the fuse would burn out and the money would go to charity.

To date 1,823  Backers have pledged £257,256 of a £20,000,000 goal with 42 days to go.

Now it tuns out there is a rival campaign on Kickstarter to design & build X-Wing Fighters! So far the running total is 376 Backers pledging $358,583 against an $11,000,000 goal with 43 days to go. There are even rumours of a project to design & build a Corellian space freighter (sigh!)

Source: KickStarter Death Star, KickStarter X-Wing,
Reporter: SilverFox

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