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A while back we reviewed the joyful Unit 44 written by Wes Locher (Hipster Vs. Rednecks, The Undoubtables) with art from Ed Jiménez (Backfired, Secrets and Shadows). We liked it. Quite a bit. A deliciously black-humoured comic book take on alien invasion and the mythology of Men in Black. Now it’s back…on Kickstarter.

Agents Gibson and Hatch – for they are our hero-types – work in Area 51. When they (somewhat less than heroically) forget to pay the rent on the facility’s off-site storage unit, the secret contents are sold to a couple of backwoods rednecks at public auction. Wouldn’t you know it, there’s an alien invasion on the way! Our agents need to recover a certain item from the locker if they hope to stop ET taking over. All well and good, and great fun too.


The trade paperback is out soon but Wes and Ed are proper indies and need to fund their initial print run. Hence the Kickstarter. Volume One collects four issues. Those 88 pages need a little boost from you: the comic book fan. You can be a part of this cool collection – helping the printing and the shipping. So what do you get out of it, other than a smug sense of satisfaction?

For $1…just one single dollar…you get a pdf of the original issue 1. For $5 you’ll get a limited edition Ed Jiménez print. $10 gets you the full Volume One as a pdf plus a brand new Unit 44 pdf comic. There are more rewards for higher contributions too. For $50, as well as prints and comics, Ed will draw a full colour head shot of you. Indeed!

The  Kickstarter needs a total of $2,000 and finishes on 16 June.. Find out more, watch a fun video and contribute here:
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