Kiefer Sutherland Back as Jack Bauer in 12 Episode ’24′

250px-24-Logo.svgPresumably it’ll be 2-hours per episode, or shot very quickly. It had previously been mooted that Fox wanted a limited return of 24, especially after multiple failed attempts at making a movie version of the show.

After 4 years in the CTU wilderness, now comes word that everything is official: 24 will be coming back for a limited series run, and Kiefer Sutherland is back in to play Bauer again in 24: Live Another Day, (anyone else think that sounds like a Bond title!?) No clues to the plot-line, but as his correctly predicted an African-American president back in 2001, all bets are off!

Source: Reuters
Reporter: SilverFox

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  1. sylvialily /

    I am sure glad that ’24’ is coming back. After all look at the garbage on television these days. Not that I am tired of watching reruns of 24, nor tired of looking at Kiefer daily. He is one of the most diversified artists of the century. He is an extremely talented artist who has come up through the ranks, making pictures, live theater, and has remained gracious. He has made some mistakes, who the hell hasn’t; at least he admits to his and of late pays for his wrongs. Hey, I have to hand it to him to spend time in one of our county facilities. Anyway, thank you from one of your most avid fans. Carinos, Sylvia from Sedona, AZ!

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