Killzone 3 Launch Trailer

In anticipation of this week’s Killzone 3 release, the kind people at PlaystationEU posted the Launch Trailer for our Helghast-killing pleasure. Accompanying  the trailer is a great song by The Vines called Get Free, I can’t wait to listen to that and kick some Hel-Ass!

Hermen Hulst, the Managing Director at Guerrilla Games had this to say:

It is my pleasure to announce that Killzone 3 is out in stores this week. After two years of hard work by the talented developers at Guerrilla, we are thrilled to bring you the most intensely immersive first-person action game the PlayStation 3 has ever seen. Killzone 3 has become a true showcase piece for thePlayStation 3, making full use of its considerable capabilities – including stereoscopic 3D and PlayStation Move compatibility. And with support for the PlayStation Move sharp shooter, Killzone 3 is accessible to experienced and casual players alike.

GS Reporter: Tom

Source: PlaystationEU Blog

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