Lakes International Comic Art Festival Launches Online Auction

Lakes International Comics Art Festival fund raiser

The fab Lakes International Comic Art Festival (yes I will go one day) are having an online fund-raising art auction to raise money for next year’s festival.

The Auction will be kicking off today (23rd November 2016)  at 9.00 am sharp. If you want to see some of the goodies on offer The catalogue is live online right now.

The art up for auction comes from some of the biggest and best names in comics, including Bryan Lee O’Malley, Craig Thompson, Duncan Fegredo, Edmond Baudoin, Emma Vieceli, Hunt Emerson, Ian McQue, Jonathan Edwards, Jordi Bernet, Mick McMahon, Petteri Tikkanen, Sean Phillips, Stuart Immonen – and the guys from VIZ!

Emma Vieceli - Lakes International Comics Art Festival

Emma Vieceli who has donated some of her art to the auction explains why she’s supporting the festival.

“Everywhere I went I saw people smiling, enjoying themselves and generally embracing comics and comic art, specifically. As an artist myself, it always makes me happy see the form being appreciated, of course! But it was wonderful having the time to really take in the scope of what was on offer from peers and heroes at the festival.

I got to sit and talk in beautiful surroundings with creators, readers and innovators from Finland, Canada, Japan, the US, Spain, France and more; an international community who contribute to this industry, whether by making comics or by helping those comics get into the hands of the wonderful people who read them.

“The Lakes Festival works hard to gather that community and offer them a space to talk, share and teach, and I love it for that.”

So if you’ve got some cash in your pocket, a love of art and want to help out what I hear is a fantastic comics event then check out the auction from 9am today.

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Source: The Lakes International Comic Art Festival

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