Laurence Fishburne in Final Negotiations for ‘The Colony

If we’re lucky Mr Fisburne will be stepping back into the Sci-Fi Arena with ‘The Colony’

Final negotiations are underway for Fisburne and Kevin Zegers to be cast in ‘The Colony’ a sci-fi film which sees a plucky group (come they’re always plucky) of humans living underground as the earth undergoes a second Ice Age. If that wasn’t bad enough they’s also get to do battle with feral humans. Talk about your bad luck.

There is no word yet on the roles Fisburne and Zegers are signing up for.

The makers behind this Canadian indie film are being tight lipped about further cast announcements until shooting starts on Feb 22.

Be nice if someone did a film once in a while where we didn’t blow ourselves up or are invaded or turned into zombies any of the other numerous end of the world scenarios you could care to mention. Doesn’t exactly make me want to embrace the future in open arms.

Still it’s all good fun and it’s not like any of those scenarios will come true right….right?

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