Learn The Force Luke! Or Fred, Patrick, Whoever….

So – want to be a Jedi?

Apparantly Queens University in Belfast is offering a course beginning in November. Reported in the Telegraph of all places, the university’s course is titled “Feel the Force: How to Train in the Jedi Way”.

Prospective Jedi shouldn’t expect too much, in my humble opinion – the course lasts a single day (at a cost of 23 Earth pounds) and Lightsabres are not provided. The paper further reports that:

The course has been established the year after the UK’s first Jedi Church was founded by the brothers Barney and Daniel Jones in Anglesey, Wales.

Which had nothing to do with me. I may be an Anglesey boy by birth and was working up there at the time but that was not me. Nope.

Follow the Source link below for the full story.

Source: Telegraph.co.uk

GS Reporter: WedgeDoc

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  1. geeksyndicate /

    No lightsaber, what kind of rip off is that!…I suppose there’s no lesson on how to levitate X-wings either…sheesh!

  2. vichussmith /

    If anyone wants to be close to a jedi, just take a damn martial arts class like I did! Depending on what style you learn, you can improve your agility, learn to use weapons, meditate and kick the crap out of people!

    I think that you can spend less money getting a few year of training and still not pay as much as you do for a college course

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