Legendary Assassin is on his way so step aside!

I’m a huge martial arts movie fan. As a teenager me and my mates lived and breathes the old school kick ass flicks like ‘Snake in the Monkey’s Shadow’, ’36 chambers’,’Drunken Master’, ‘One Armed Boxer’ and my personal favorite ‘Master of the flying guillotines’ (yes that is a real movie I kid you not).

In more recent times I loved movie like Ong Bak where you just spend the movie thinking “Man that’s gotta hurt”. Anyway prepare yourself to use that phrase over and over again in the trailer for  Legendary Assassin.

The downside is it’s scheduled for a November release in China and Hong Kong. Here’s hoping it  gets an international release or at least we get a DVD at some stage.

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  1. vichussmith /

    You don’t have to tell me! I saw Master of the Flying Guillotine a couple years back. Fantastic!

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