Legendary Outlaw – A Western FPS for your iPhone, iPad and iTouch

Hmm a western FPS for the iPhone, iTouch or iPad sounds very cool as always up for some six-shooter fun and games. Not sure how well it will work on those formats as FPS’s (is that even a word?) are a bit hit and miss on the apple store. I’ve always thought that western games are way too few and far between so I’ll definitely check it out and report back with my findings.

The game is out now on the app store

Highly Anticipated Western-Themed FPS ‘Legendary Outlaw’ Now Available On The App Store

Go On Punk! Make My Day!

Texas based independent developer, Game Tongue Software, has finally released to the App Store their high anticipated Western-Themed FPS, Legendary Outlaw! Compatible with the Apple iPhone®, Apple iPod touch®, and also the Apple iPad®, you finally have the perfect opportunity to prove to yourself, and others, that you are gunslinger material!

Legendary Outlaw is an impressive adrenaline pumping FPS in which you play the role of an outlaw willing to do everything and anything to achieve fame and fortune. As Colt Kaufman, you are destined to become the ultimate Legendary Outlaw, but only if you successfully go guns-blazing and use the environments to lure and assassinate enemies by stealth – without being seen or heard! And unlike traditional FPS games where you go on a rampage with guns drawn consistently, Legendary Outlaw allows you to fully utilize the environment to your advantage: You can lure and sneak up on your enemies, creep around corners for better targeting, and take full advantage of shadows to take-out the bad guys.

Featuring incredibly intuitive controls, amazing 3D visuals and environments, Legendary Outlaw is packed with features: featuring 12 highly detailed environments, dual-weapon ability, ninja-like gameplay, stealth assassinations, revolvers, shotguns, double-barreled shotguns, dynamite, Molotov cocktails, and even gatling guns, this game is ideal to fans of the genre! You’ve talked the talk, now walk the walk. Only the most hardcore gunslingers will survive!

GS Reporter: Nuge

Source:Game Tongue software

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