Legendary Pictures Option Debut Novel ‘Reviver’

Tor Books have announced that Legendary Pictures, the company behind such genre classics as Christopher Nolan’s Batman saga, Inception and Watchmen, have taken out an option on exciting new supernatural thriller Reviver. You may not have heard of it as it’s not due for publication until June 2013, but it’s already creating a bit of a buzz.

Debut author Seth Patrick is a computer game developer with Sega. His novel, the first of a planned trilogy, features a small group of people who have an unusual talent; they can pull the recently deceased back into their bodies for a short time. They mostly bring closure for families, but in the case of murder, their skills are particularly useful. Our protagonist, the titular Reviver, is Johan Millar, who works for the Forensic Revival Service, using his gift to bring back victims to implicate their killers. In book one, there is a particularly brutal murder to investigate. The fact that it’s a bit of a page turner optioned by a reputable production company is enough to pique my interest.

As yet, no details of cast and crew have been announced by Legendary, but I expect that they’ll be able to attract high quality talent.
Source: Tor Books
Reporter: Ian J Simpson

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