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Thanks to Kickstarter,  Legends of Persia has become a reality. Legends of Persia is a top-down, isometric action RPG; think of the Diablo games. This is a fantasy game, so you fight all manner of man and beast, no matter what the size. The basic story behind Legends is one of revenge, where a Persian prince is fighting in the name of his father.  You take on the role of Keykhosro in his journey to kill Afrasiab, the King of Tooran.


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The game begins as many games of this sort do. You have nothing and you pick up tools useful to you as you complete quests. To tell the overarching tale, scenes are illustrations that are incredibly animated. They are the most gorgeous element of Legends of Persia. These scenes are animated, but most are not voiced.

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Legends of Persia has been available since June, and was updated in July, but a lot of polish seems necessary. Games- even independent titles- have come far in terms of realistically animated character models. Your character looks a bit stiff, and your enemies are not as fearsome as they should be. Then there are the bells and whistles in the menu.

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Some PC gamers like to tweak as many options as they can, but Legends of Persia is barebones. Sourena Game Studios is small, with less than a handful of games. This is their largest project, and I hope that it has taught them pertinent lessons. I don’t have gameplay for you, but here is the first trailer for Legends.

Legends of Persia is a single-player game, with 3 playable characters to choose from. If you would like to learn more, and/or purchase the game, it is on Green Man Gaming, Gamer’s Gate, and Steam for download.

GS Blogger: Vichus Smith

Source: Sourena Games

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