Lego DC Superheros are Here!

So, I was walking past my local comic shop and in the window they have the new Lego DC Superheroes range in. Naturally I had to buy one!

I got the pictured set, which includes Superman and Wonder Woman battling one of Lex Luthor’s Giant Robots, largely because I’ve got a few Batman figures left from the last range they put out and I’m a sucker for new minifig designs. And to be honest, I’m pretty impressed;  both heroes come with custom parts as well as the printed body pieces, and Lex even has a nice suit on as he stomps around Metropolis, even if green and purple isn’t the best colour for a Mecha.

It’s a quick, straightforward built at a nice price point, and with the Star Wars sent starting to get pretty expensive recently it’s nice to see a licensed product offering what feels like value for money.

The other sets I saw are all Batman + villain sets; largely cut down re-models of the earlier Lego Batman range, which makes them cheaper but not quite as nice on the shelf in my opinion. Still the figures cover most of the “big names” of Gotham villainy across the range the reduced price will hopefully make them sell better, so there will more sets in future.

Lego also have a license for Marvel Heroes, so I suspect we’ll see sets based around them later in the year. Lego Quinnjet anyone?

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