LEGO Star Wars Gets Renewed For 10 More Years

Like the LEGO Star Wars series of videogames? Then good news, as the deal between the Danish-born toy company and Lucas Licensing has been renewed. The phenomenal success enjoyed by both parties in the joint venture has ensured the continuation of the LEGO Star Wars franchise for at least another 10 years. 

Earlier today, The LEGO Group declared that over 30 million copies of the four LEGO Star Wars videogames had been sold to date.

It’s not just videogames though; LEGO have produced a plethora of toys in the past based on their unique interpretation of Star Wars, and the renewal of the deal will likely see the company release more toys alongside further videogame adaptations. Next in line to get the LEGO treatment is EA and BioWare’s recent MMO The Old Republic, which will see the launch of a number of tie-in products.

Jill Wilfert, Vice President of Licensing and Entertainment for The LEGO Group, stated,

“It is very rare to find an evergreen property that delivers growth year-on-year in toys, even in years without events driving box office buzz, yet Star Wars defies all odds, continually reinventing itself, and our LEGO business continues to grow exponentially.

Star Wars is a cultural phenomenon that shares many characteristics with the LEGO brand–cross generational appeal, versatile story and character content, creativity and imagination—and we believe that we can continue to grow LEGO Star Wars for many years to come.”

Derek Stothard, Senior Director for Global Toys and Hardlines at Lucas Licensing, concluded,

“We are delighted to have extended our long and very successful relationship with LEGO Group. Bringing together these two iconic global brands has created something special that is enjoyed by kids, families and fans everywhere.”

GS Reporter: ChosenWarrior85

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