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I was a massive fan of the original ‘Life on Mars’ in which Detective Sam Tyler finds himself transported back to the 1970’s trapped with what’s looks like the cast of the Sweeney. The show was weird, it was fun, it was thought provoking at times and most importantly at it’s core was something that made it very British.

When I heard they were going to remake this in the US I was scared, very scared and my fears were justified after seeing some of the clips online from the original pilot. Instead of trying to stay true to the spirit of the show but become it’s own beast it was just a sad and uninspired rehash of it’s predecessor .

Obviously I wasn’t the only one who thought it was rubbish as the creators went back to drawing board, moved locations pretty much replaced the entire cast and are trying again. I have to say after seeing some of the new cast pics over at the word is not enough site I feeling a little better.

Take a look at Harvery Keitel, replacing Colm Meaney (the bloke from star Trek DS9) as Gene Hunt.

Bit of a step up from the Star Trek bloke.

Am I still nervous about the remake? You betcha but at least I can see that they’re really trying to do the show justice so I’m in a wait and see mode. I want it to be good. I want it to surprise me. I just hope they pull off this second attempt. Lastly, I wish they had recast Sam as the guy they have still doesn’t work for me but again maybe with this revamped take he might step his acting up a notch.

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Source: the word is not enough

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