Listen to Seven Minutes of the Skyfall Soundtrack by Thomas Newman

Getting my hands on either a new Bond theme or a piece from a new James Bond soundtrack is a little like Christmas.  Last week we got treated to the fabulous theme for Skyfall as sung by Adele and now we have seven minutes of the Skyfall soundtrack as composed by Thomas Newman to listen to.

Now I’ve been saying to a few people that for some reason I was not that exited about Skyfall as I usually am about a new Bond film coming out…after hearing these seven minutes as well as Adele’s theme that’s all changed now. When opening night comes around I’ll be the first in line with my Vodka Martini in hand waiting for the cinema doors to open.

The Skyfall soundtrack is due for release on 29th October.   Have a listen to those seven minutes below as well as a look at the Adele’s Skyfall theme accompanying a new trailer.

Welcome back to ‘Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ 007 we missed you.

Reporter: Nuge

Source: joblo


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