LittleBigPlanet 2 – A review

Now, some of you may have noticed I’ve been missing for a couple of days, and that is all down to the release of Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet 2 (LBP2). I have been more or less non-stop playing this game over the weekend, and am here to share my views on the first big release of 2011. There are no storyline spoilers in this review, but I will briefly be talking about new features so if you want them to be a surprise don’t read on.

One little gripe I have at the moment, is that the story mode seems short. I’ve had the game for two days and I’ve almost finished it. Also, like before, the story itself is pretty simplistic, so nothing to get too excited about. The levels themselves, however, are brilliantly made, great fun, and have some awesome elements to them. Maybe the problem with the story mode is it just isn’t challenging enough. I’ve played absolutely hours worth of the first LBP and the difficulty hasn’t really been changed since that one, so I go into LBP2 and I’m getting through all the levels on first play through. No restarts needed. I would say that the levels are harder to Ace though, and finding all the prize bubbles is tough, so it is still going to be a nightmare for completionists.

As we all know though there is WAY more to LBP then the story mode, and this is where it gets exciting. There are a ton of new features to this game, including grappling hooks, a fairy cake gun (or can I call it a sniper trifle?), animals you can ride around on (bunnies, dogs, bees) all with their own unique abilities.  The grappling hook is annoyingly tricksy to get a good swing on sometimes, and takes a bit of getting used to.

Then we have different level types including verses mode games, which include a basketball shoot out, or co-operative levels.  All of these types of game are then portable into community levels, and that’s when this game really gets fun.

The community menu is much better organised this time, and it also includes a Media Molecule’s best picks section. I dived straight into an Uncharted themed level, which was long, complex and brilliant fun. The problem with these online levels is, as before, they can have some seriously long loading times (and in fact if you are connected online, even getting onto a story mode level can take ages if the game is checking if there are people you can join with), and that kind of ruins the enjoyment a bit. If you end up waiting 4 or 5 minutes to connect to a level which in turn only takes 5 minutes to get through, it is pretty irritating.

The create mode will, as before, only be for those hardcore enough to do it. It is a slow process to create your own level, and it hasn’t been massively changed. However there are “level links” now which means you can link two created levels together into one to make them longer, and more in-depth. It is used in some of the story levels as well to make them more involved.

Some of the general issues from the first LBP are still there as well. It can still be difficult to work out which plain certain parts of the game are in (front, middle or back), and sometimes the physics feel a bit sticky, the amount of times I fall into spikes trying to get over a jump I’m certain I can make is unbelievable. All in all though this is still as incredible a game, but how could it possibly ever be a loser. It has taken what was a brilliant game, and added new features, new levels, new outfits or costumes, new creationist elements, so as to evolve it into something outstanding. For all it’s faults, it is still one of the most wonderful games I’ve ever played.

LittleBigPlanet 2 is available now and has a RRP of £39.99

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