Littlest Lovecraft Produce Children’s Illustrated Versions of Lovecraft’s Tales

If you are a long time Lovecraft devotee, you might sometimes wonder when the best time to introduce younger minds to his dark works really is. After all, you don’t want to give them nightmares until they are in a position to enjoy them in context. Littlest Lovecraft has come up with a nifty solution to this problem: full colour illustrated children’s adaptations of a couple of Lovecraft’s tales for children aged 9+.

Created by Tro Rex and Eyo Bella, the goal was to create “a solid manuscript with vivid, full color illustrations to help readers young and old alike to immerse themselves in the story!”

The tale already available is one of Lovecraft’s most iconic: The Call of Cthulhu:

Littlest Lovecraft CallofCthulhu Pic 1This was placed on Kickstarter last year and more than trebled its goals. This means that it met its stretch goal of all books being printed in hardcover which is great to see in this age of increasing digital distribution.

Littlest Lovecraft CallofCthulhu Pic 2

The next story, The Dunwich Horror was placed on Kickstarter earlier this year and again more than trebled its target funding level. It is set for estimated delivery October 2014.

As you can see from the pictures above, the books have a great style and manage to capture the bizarre world of Lovecraft in a pleasing way. If you fancy picking up The Call of Cthulhu or finding out more information, check out Littlest Lovecraft’s website here for more information.

Source: Littlest Lovecraft
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