Live from The Woman in Black World Premiere

This week Geek Syndicate was live at The Woman in Black world premiere in London and got a few exclusives. Check out our pictures and interviews from the event which was led by Daniel Radcliffe.

Tuesday 24th January was the date and the location was the Royal Festival Hall on the South Bank. There was a typical drizzled London evening but that did not stop the legion of Daniel Radcliffe fans from standing for hours to meet young man himself.

The Woman in Black is based on the novel by Susan Hill and has previously been adapted into a stage play and a mini series and also a radio play but this was the first time it had been a motion picture. In the film Daniel Radcliffe plays a  young lawyer who travels to a remote village where he discovers the vengeful ghost of a scorned woman is terrorizing the locals. The cast also includes Ciarán Hinds, Shaun Dooley and Liz White.

As the fans and press awaited the arrival of the cast and crew the red carpet was uncovered with the title of the film woven elegantly into the carpet.

The first to arrive was Daniel Radcliffe himself looking smart in his black tie and suit. Having seen Radcliffe grown up on screen it is a weird sensation seeing him in person but he was everything you want him to be. He signed for the fans and he talk to the press and spent the whole time right up till the start of the film pleasing the crowds. A popular question was does he believe in ghosts and he confided that he does not believe in the supernatural at all.

Producer Simon Oakes tells Geek Syndicate why he choose this book and also how close they stayed to the original.  Talking about other Hammer films he said that they are planning a modern remake of Dracula. Listen to our interviewSimon Oakes interview

Geek Syndicate also manage to catch up with screen writer Jane Goldman who spoke to the press and GS about adapting other people work. We also ask her about her earlier work writing X-Files books. Jane Goldman interview

Another member of the cast was the woman in black herself Liz White who explained that she spent a lot of her time in a studio on a rig that allowed her to flow across the floor. She also explained that she did not get to act opposite Daniel which was a shame.

Hot on Liz Whites glamorous heals was Shaun Dooley who plays Fisher in the film who talked exclusively to Geek Syndicate about his love of the book and also high praise for Director James Watkins and also screen writer Jane Goldman and also why we love horror films. Shaun Dooley interview

Arriving last on the red carpet was horror icon Corey Feldman who starred in The Lost Boys. I asked him about horror and transferring from child actor to adult actor and also Lost Boys 4! Corey Feldman interview

Taken from press

So a great night for The Woman in Black and we wish all the success for the film and the cast.

GS Reporter: Montoya

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