Load of Free Games & Apps On iTunes App Store

 Celebrating the App Store’s 5th Birthday, a whole heap of games are being made free of charge to download in their full version.

Loads of games & apps are being given away for limited time only, in honour of the App Store’s fifth anniversary.

Big name games include: Infinity Blade 2 and Where’s My Water?, and even non-gaming apps like Traktor DJ are being given away for free.

No official list has been distributed, but various sites have lists up which include:

Flight Control HD (iPhone / iPad)

Mirror’s Edge (iPhone / iPad)

Dead Space (iPhone / iPad)

Sims Medieval (iPhone / iPad)

Homerun Battle 2 (Universal)

Peggle HD (iPhone / iPad)

Mini Motors HD (iPhone/ iPad)

Chopper (Universal)

Tiny Wings (iPhone / iPad)

Badland (iPhone / iPad)

Sword & Sworcery (iPhone / iPad)

Where’s My Water (iPhone / iPad)

Zenforms : Protectors (Universal)

The Idiot Test 3 (iPhone)

Pig Shot (Universal)

Glow Puzzle (iPhone)

War of Reproduction (iPhone)

Jump Birdy Jump (Universal)

Infinity Blade 2 (iPhone / iPad)

Day One Journal (iPhone / iPad)

Traktor DJ (iPhone / iPad)

Over (iPhone / iPad)

Barefoot World Atlas (Universal)

How to cook everything (Universal)

Not sure how long this offer will last, so clear space on your drive and download what you want now.

Source: iTunes
Reporter: SilverFox

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