London Super Comic Con: The Round Up

We’ve finally recovered from our amazing weekend attending the London Super Comic Con. This year it was even bigger with more tables, more talks and more attendees than last year.

We started the weekend with a mini Geek Syndicate meet up and a large orange juice to fight the inevitable con crud lurgie that strikes unknowing convention attendees.

The first thing we noticed once we walked in was the space. The layout was excellent, plenty of room to move about. There’s nothing worse than squeezing through walkways fighting against the oncoming flow of fellow nerds. It’s tiring and you miss everything!

We started at the back of the hall and walked straight into the HUGE queue for the lovely Katie Cook. We absolutely adore her Gronk! webcomic. We did an interview with her a couple of years ago and she is just so NICE!

Katie 2

Doesn’t she look busy?! She was drawing dozens of mini paintings. We’d been after one for years! We managed to get a good shot of some of the ones she’d done in advance.

Mini Pics

And these were the ones we grabbed on the Saturday. Can you sense the theme?

Mini piiiiiiiiiiics

She also had her Gronk! collections and her ‘Fuck you, Box!’ book on offer, a hilarious collection of angry cat sketches.


We then manage to sneak up on Stephen Mooney there signing some beautiful Half Past Danger themed prints. He was also signing copies of the book, a gorgeous Hardback! IDW had copies of Half Past Danger on their stand, but by the time we’d gone over to get ourselves one, later on the Saturday afternoon, they’d sold out!


We are so happy the book is doing well, it’s one of our favourites here at GS. Have you heard our interview with the man himself? You can have a listen here.

There was a great mix of big publishers and Indie comics exhibiting last weekend. It was great to spot some familiar faces in the crowds.

We’re glad we spied Josh Clarke, he had a pretty successful convention! The Elemals creator picked up a commission from the Production Director of Dredd 3D and as you can see that one turned out amazingly well.

Baby Dredd

Josh always has a great selection of prints, artwork and t-shirts on offer. You can have a look at his shop here. We love the Reservoir Dogs/Avengers mash up t-shirt.

We spotted the magnificent beard of artist supreme Graeme Howard. He was beavering away on commissions and selling copies of Cancertown 2, a brilliantly twisted sequel to Cy Dethan’s first chapter.


The Markosia stall was busy all weekend, we heard they’d shifted nearly all of the special ‘Giant size’ editions of Apollo they took with them. We had to fight our way in to look at the books!


We also focused our eyeballs on Dan Slott making his way through a huge queue of patient Spidey fans, Yel Zamor’s amazing Hypergirl costume (we didn’t manage to get a photo but you can see a video of her from TheGamerT3K here), Des Taylor gestured us over to point out we looked like one of his pin-ups (we’ll be investing in that Batgirl print) and then we had a lovely chat with Mike Collins, who had some amazing Doctor Who artwork on his table.

It was a busy and wonderful event. If you couldn’t make it this year we really do recommend going next year. It’s so great to have a convention solely focused on comics, it’s a great mix of big names and smaller titles so there’s something to interest everyone.

We can’t wait to see which guests they’ll get in for next year. We’ll keep you updated as the announcements trickle in.

Reporter: Sara Westrop

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