London Super Comic Con: Top 5 Cosplayers

London Super Comic Con Cosplayers really outdid themselves this year. The costumes on display were incredible! There were so many colourful and eye catching ensembles that I could have quite happily just sat outside taking photos of them all day.

I think my most spotted costume was Poison Ivy this year! Last year it was Harley Quinn….will it be Catwoman next year? Just so I can get the Gotham City Sirens hat-trick.

But then I’d have missed all the comics. Anyway…without further ado here are my five favourites from the weekend! Click on any of the images to enlarge them.

This CW Arrow costume was really spot on with the details, especially with the menacing glare. His bow was absolutely enormous!


Though I’m not too sure if this is Halo or Mass Effect (I’m clueless when it comes to games you guys! If I’ve got it wrong help me out in the comments.) this costume was so detailed…and terrifying.

If this guy came running towards me on a battlefield I’d roll over and wave my tummy in the air as an act of submission! Also in the hope of a belly rub.


This Rocketeer Costume was AMAZING! It was just perfect, from the mask down to the boots. I wanted to ask if I could try the rocket pack on…but I think it would have been a very firm no.


These ladies made me ‘squeeeee’ like a maniac and run over screaming for a picture. These costumes take me right back to my childhood! The mighty She Ra and the Sorceress of Greyskull by Laura Sindall and Cosplex respectively.

This pair were the runners up in the Cosplay Championship and it was well deserved! They really do look like they’ve just stepped out of the cartoons.

The detail on Cosplex’s Sorceress cloak was gorgeous and the colours were so bright on both outfits. It’s made me dig around in my loft for the She Ra costume my Mum made me when I was 9…it may not fit now though.

She Ra

Finally these two made my weekend! They had the BEST Batgirl and Nightwing costumes I’ve ever seen. Meet @babsbat and @pauljwares AKA Hero Wares.

Paul is a dab hand at crafting some incredible masks, cowls and the like, while Babs makes a mean cape! I’m always so impressed by the pictures I’ve seen of these two in their various costumes. They always look totally polished and damn do they know how to strike a pose!


I’ve actually felt really inspired by all the unbelievable cosplay this weekend. It’s made me want to have a go myself! Who were your favourite cosplayers this weekend? Did you get any good photos of your top picks?
Reporter: Sara Westrop

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