Losing Call of Duty Multiplayer Gamer Prank Calls SWAT Team To Opponent’s House

Now I’ve had the misfortune of being owned online in multiplayer games like FIFA, Call of Duty and Halo but I took it on the chin and moved on. Well a US Call of Duty player in Long Island, New York wasn’t so graceful in defeat. After losing a Call Of Duty match against a rival player, the frustrated gamer made a hoax phone call pretending to be his opponent and saying that he had killed his mother and was planning to kill more people.

The call resulted in helicopters, emergency vehicles and nearly 70 SWAT team police offers arriving at his 17 year opponent, Rafael Castillo family home. A 20 inutes stand-off then took place after Castillo who was still playing the game did not hear police negotiators as he was wearing headphones. Rafael’s mother was in the kitchen at the time, while his brother Jose arrived during the two-hour stand-off.




Police say Rafael’s angry opponent probably traced his IP address online to find out where he lived. Long Beach Police Commissioner Michael Tangney in an interview said it was an example of a “Swatting” craze. In this bizarre world of Swatting, you get points for the helicopter, for the police cars, for the Swat team, for the type of entry. It’s very sophisticated. Unfortunately, it’s very dangerous.”

The police took away Castillo computer in an aim to try and track down the prank called through his digital footprint. They said that along with several charges there was also a $100,000 cost for the call out they would be liable for.


Reporter: Soulfinger

Source: Sky News/New York Post

Photos: Victor Alcorn

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