LSCC 2015: Saturday Cosplay Round Up

LSCC this year was, as it always is, a great cosplay event.  It was my first Con of the year so went in my Fraction/Aja’s Hawkeye get up.  It’s comfy and I can layer up which is a good thing because it was bloody freezing outside!  It was interesting to see the cosplay trends, as there will always be at any event depending on what films or TV shows are out on release.  There was a big Game of Thrones contingent who I think had an entire family of Lannisters, and there were also plenty of Hobbit costumes too.  They all had the right idea seeing as it involved wearing a lot of fake fur!
What was absolutely lovely to see was the amount of children in costume.  A lot of people in their 30’s now, like myself, have little ones and it’s really  fantastic to see geek families cosplaying together.  One of the prime examples being the family that had dressed up as all of the Guardians of The Galaxy.  Brilliant!  There were also a couple of tiny Star Lords, a baby Captain Kirk with his own Tribble and an adorable little girl in a Wasp outfit.
It was also good to see all the cosplayers with big costumes out in force.  LSCC is never as busy as something like MCM, which is great for those with bigger costumes as there’s much more room to move.
Myself and a friend were also lucky enough to have a turn in the SyFy FanCam, a 360 degree camera which means I now have a video of my Hawkeye facing off against my friend’s Matt Murdock.  It looks absolutely brilliant, even if my archery skills are very rusty!
All in all, it was a great Saturday and despite the fact that I conked out as soon as I got home, a great day was had by everyone!

Source: London Super Comic Con (LSCC)
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  1. Greg Tythe /

    Hi! My son was the Captain Kirk and my daughter was Starlord.

  2. Fia /

    Answer: Coulson was in a food coma from veggie burrito overload.

  3. The friendliest Dr Doom ever hey 🙂 I’ll take that. About to start work on version 1.1 so hopefully see you at the next LSCC. Stay geeky!

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