MAGAZINE REVIEW: Batman Automobilia #1

batmanautomobiliaEaglemoss Publications release a much-needed Definitive Collection of The Batman’s Vehicles. In my opinion there are only two genre characters that are at least, partially defined by the variety and complexity of their bespoke modes of transport.
One is James Bond, who has had his back-catalogue of vehicles detailed on several occasions in books, TV programmes etc. The other, is The Batman.

I was more than happy to get the opportunity to review “Batman Automobilia” Issue 1, which launches 3rd January. With fortnightly issues to follow, each issue ships with a free die-cast model – in the case of #1, it’s the Batmobile from the 1989 Tim Burton re-boot.

The models are 1:43 scale, very detailed, and set on a labelled plinth. I can tell you that issues 2 and 3 will feature the 60’s TV Batmobile and The Tumbler from the Dark Knight reboot. If you opt for the subscription (which I am doing), there’s a bunch of freebies thrown in, including an extra scale model of the ’89 Batmobile in armour-clad mode.

The actual magazine is a brief, but very detailed & concise dossier on each vehicle, including cut-away drawings & schematics, specifications, history and context. There is also a separate guide which pretty much covers most of the vehicles that you can expect to see in future issues – my guesses include: Batmobiles from ‘Batman Forever’ and ‘Batman & Robin’, the Bat-Pod, the Bat-Ski (from ‘Batman Returns’) and various other vehicles from the comics or animated TV shows.

The bottom line is that you are paying for vehicles so if you haven’t got a collection already, then this is the fastest way to get one!

Rating: 4/5
Reporter: SilverFox

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  1. Michael /

    How any issues are there of the Batman Automobilia Magazine? I already have the first issue. My son is a massive Batman fan and he would love these but is there going to be loads of issues and it can become quite costly!

    • Hi Michael – we’ll contact the publishers for you and try to find out. My personal take is this, get a subscription (nice freebies), and as you can cancel at any time, maybe get the first 4-5 issues (which gets you the original TV series car, the Tumbler, the latest cartoon series car) If the models start to get a little obscure, then you can cancel, and the whole thing has cost you around £40-£46.

      • Chris /

        80 issues according to their Facebook page.

  2. john ellson /

    First issue £2.99 second issue £5.99 subsequent issues £9.99……80 issues!

  3. if the james bond collection is anything to go by it started off with 40 issues,then 70odd,then 85,then 110 and finally they are telling us it will stop at 140.but who knows.they will drag it out to the last.

    • Bernard /

      I bought into this collection spending nearly a grand before i couldn’t take the extensions anymore……sold up eventually haveing run out of space…….and patience, only got half the value back. Wasnt that easy to cancel until they became eaglemoss.

      • 140… what were they including in that collection – third taxi parked behind Goldfinger’s Rolls-Royce?

      • its now stopped at 134 issues,have nearly every dog and cat from the films,only joking but it did drag on for far too long.

  4. Well, I can tell you that post-Christmas Singh budget will no stretch to £80. And John – thanks for correcting the price for me – I could have sworn I’d read £6.99. Looking at the web-site just now, I see that they’ve sweeten the subscription package by adding a Bat-Wing free with your 6th issue, and free iPad versions of the magazine… so that would take me to £3 +£6 +(£10 x 4) = @ £50 – I think my wife is going to kill me!

  5. Sceptical /

    I just got Issue 1 for my three year old son, because I spotted it for £2.99 in our newsagent. He loves it, but I can assure you I won’t be getting any more, never mind the whole series. If you really want these things, wait 12 months then buy them on eBay from some poor soul who paid full price and now can’t afford to heat their house!

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