Magneto becomes the lead in Assassin’s Creed movie adaptation

 So news is coming out that Michael Fassbender is to produce and star in the movie adaptation of the popular video game Assassin’s Creed.

Movies based on video games can be hit or miss but mainly miss these days. One of the biggest ones recently was Prince of Persia starring Jake Gyllenhaal and produced by Jerry Bruckehimer. Everyone thought this would be a big hit but they were wrong. The company behind that game, Ubisoft have decided to go alone this time and make their own movies based on their products just like what Marvel did and see how that turned out…

The first one they want to do is Assassin’s Creed which is a good move as this could be a great big action, thriller, drama all rolled into one. The fab news is that the actor who brought young Magneto to life will be playing the lead. Michael Fassbender who did a trillion movies in the last two years just goes from strength to strength. he is by far one of the best actors out there today and the fact they he will produce as well means he is passionate about the project. He has already shown us that he can play a baddass so if the film is anything like the games it should work well.

There are two existing Assassin’s Creed games, with a third set for release this fall. They follow a man named Desmond Miles, but he isn’t really the primary character; rather, a bit of technology allows Desmond to relive “ancestral memories,” which throws the narrative of the first and second games back to the Crusades and Renaissance periods, respectively. (The third is set during the American Revolution.)
Presumably Fassbender will play both Desmond and whichever ancestor is the real focus of the film. The games feature a larger story, in which Desmond, in between reliving his ancestral memories, slowly uncovers secrets involving the modern version of the Knights Templar, an end of the world prophecy, and a pre-human civilization.

Sounds all good to me and is a perfect vehicle for a trilogy to make a decent video game movie. Check out the trailer for the third game below.
Source: SlashFilm
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