Man of Steel Poster Lands with a Whimper

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The posters keep arriving this week for various films landing next year. The latest one is for the Superman reboot “Man of Steel”. Check out below for your pleasure.

I have no idea what to expect with the Man of Steel movie and the trailer really threw me for six. I do like Synder as a director for most of his films and I hope they make this action packed and not too dramatic.

The poster below for me looks terrible. It looks poor quality and I am still surprised it is not a fake. What can we take away from the image?

Well it looks like ol Supes (Henry Cavill) has been a bad boy scout and the army have arrested him. I mean come on really. Are they Kryptonian handcuffs? Is he doing some stance for justice to take responsibility for his actions?

All will be revealed next year.


Source: Geeks of Doom
GS Reporter: Montoya

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