┬áHere is your chance to name the bad guy in Mark Millar’s Supercrooks

From the man himself:

Dear Ladies and Gents,

As some of you will know, when I launch a new Millarworld book I always auction off the name for a local cause here in Scotland. Kick-Ass, Nemesis, Superior and The Secret Service have, between them, raised over $30,000 from generous fans bidding and winning the right to name pivotal characters in books (and thus subsequent movie adaptations). Joe Carnahan has Liam Neeson in his sights as auction-winner Blake Morrow in Nemesis……57/#more-136357

…Dave Lizewski got a movie and an action figure named after him and Supercrooks (which has launched with bigger numbers than any Millarworld book so far) now has the same opportunity. The main bad guy of the piece, a retired, legendary super-villain, is called The Bastard. But his secret identity is entirely up for grabs this week and the bidding closes on wednesday night. Here’s a link to the auction itself…


…and below you can find details of where the money will go.


We’ve put the money to various causes in the past, but The Secret Service auction was very special for me because the cash late last year paid for all the kids at my old primary school to go to the theatre and see a Christmas pantomime. There were over 160 kids and staff bussed from the pretty modest area where I grew up into the city and for a lot of the kids it was the only time they’ve ever been in a theatre before. We had some money left over and were able to buy them all some drinks and chocolate treats too (which they loved) and this made me realise we could get a little thing going for them EVERY Christmas. I’d like to stockpile this over the next year with a couple of auctions and the second will be for Jupiter’s Children in September. Obviously, the excitement from the comic’s big launch and Nacho Vigalondo and Marc Platt attached to the movie makes this a nice prize so I’m confident we can raise a good amount of cash here.

If you could spread the word to the NAME THE SUPERCROOKS VILLAIN auction it would be much appreciated. The bidding closes in less than 3 days time and I’m giving a talk in St Bart’s next day so it would be nice to let them know the amount raised when I see them for tea and biscuits.

V best and thanks again for all your help and support.


Source: Millarworld
GS Reporter: Montoya

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