Marvel Cats takes over Twitter

Some Artists (Pros and non pros) have been having fun over the last few days with the Twitter Hash Tag #mrvlcats below is a selection of the best. i’ll try and credit the artist where i can but some came to me with no information. My Personal Fav is the wildly inappropriate Gwen Stacy death cat!

wasn’t a fan Tweeting such comments as (warning NSFW)

k, i’ll be the one. #mrvlcats makes me want to punch someone in the fucking face!! stop it!! stop it right now!!

#mrvlcats didn’t write the original clone saga but they are the reason it had no third act.

#mrvlcats is why jay leno is still on the air!

#mrvlcats turned randy quaid crazy and put cocaine into lohan’s hoo hah

The greatest trick #mrvlcats ever pulled was convincing the world they didn’t exist.

#mrvlcats directed the matrix sequels

Marvel cats turned gwen stacy into a goblin banging slut

Marvel cats is why alan moore hates us

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