Marvel Comics vs The X-Men’s Rights

In the Marvel Universe there are evil sections of the Government that want us to believe that the mutant population are less than human and are not entitled to the same rights as us. Well I have some bad news for you all!

The guys at Marvel are now part of this evil collection of mutant haters and the Government are the ones trying to defend the mutants rights.

A tax law in the US states that if you are importing “Dolls” (representative of a human being i.e Barbies) then you pay 12% tax. However, if you are importing a “Toy” (anything else, i.e a dinosaur toy) you only pay 6.8% tax. It seems that if you are a multi-million dollar company that imports millions of dolls then you could save a hell of a lot of money if you could convince  the US government that your “Dolls” are in fact “Toys”.

For the sake of a few million dollars in tax payments, Marvel are willing to deny the X-men and the rest of the mutant population the basic equal rights that the rest of us humans enjoy. For the full story check out this informative podcast (with comments by Bryan Singer)

Source: Radio Lab
GS Reporter: Matt

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