Marvel confirms Man with no fear is back where he belongs

We knew it was going to be the case but now it is official that Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil is back at Marvel. 

I know some people hated Daredevil with Ben Affleck but i kinda liked it. Now Marvel confirm that the rights are back at the studio that is on fire right now. No news on a new movie anytime soon but I can imagine that Phase 3 would be a good bet to see at least a cameo.

However just imagine if they let Affleck return but also direct. I have been really impressed with his directing and I think he would create a dark and brooding and deadly Daredevil film if he was given the chance.

And in case you want a reminder of the film check out the trailer and maybe just maybe give it a 2nd chance

Source: Badassdigest
Reporter: Montoya

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