Marvel Heroes Announce Founders Programme Details

Marvel Heroes, the free-to-play action RPG featuring a host of Marvel’s characters have just announced details of their Founders programme, for those who want a little more from their gaming experience than the free game will offer.

If you’re not familiar with this upcoming title, take a look at the video below or pop over to the Marvel Heroes website.

There are three tiers of Founders package available ranging from $19 to $199, the latter giving you full access to all characters and a few exclusives from Day 1 of the game.

The creators of the game, Gazillion, were at great pains in their announcement to stress that with time you can get almost all of these gameplay elements in the free game, but for those wanting a headstart this may be worth a look…particularly with guaranteed beta access for the top tier!

marvel heroes
Source: Marvel
Reporter: Dave W

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