Marvel Mutterings: Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy & X-Men vs F4

Whether it’s Fox, Sony or the Marvel stable themselves, here are the world-wide witterings!

This week: a new clip from Spidey 2, a first shoot of the Guardians of the Galaxy, and an X-Men vs F4 film on the cards?

Amazing Spider-Man 2: there’s a new Electro clip out on the web, where we see Jamie Foxx’s Electro take on Times Square – to quote Connery in Goldfinger, “Shocking. Positively shocking.”: – look out for the intro by Stan The Man!

Guardians Of The Galaxy: we have first official picture of the cast – Gamorra (Zoe Saldana), Star Lord (Chris Pratt), Rocket Racoon (Bradley Cooper), Drax (Dave Bautista) and Groot (Vin Diesel), in James Gunn’s Marvel Phase 2 movie:


X-Men Vs Fantastic Four: Josh Trank’s Fantastic Four reboot and Bryan Singer’s X-Men will clash in a spin-off film coming from 20th Century Fox. Following Sony Pictures lead on their upcoming extension of Amazing Spider-Man spin-off movies including Venom and Sinister Six, 20th Century Fox are now setting out their stall on phases in the Marvel universe, beyond what Bryan Singer is doing with the X-Men (the upcoming Days of Future Past, and X-Force, Apocalypse & The Wolverine 2 are in planning). Citing investor insight website The Motley Fool, Fox plans to bring their Josh Trank-helmed Fantastic Four reboot and their highly profitable X-Men franchise – together in one movie. The site reports that, “Based on a 1987 four issue comic called Fantastic Four Vs X-Men, the movie will see the characters against each other because of secrets regarding the Fantastic Four’s origin.” Given that this is the sort of news that corporations leak to keep their share-price up, more credence is to be given here than the usual web-based rumours… but fingers crossed – we can only hope! There has been talk about bringing the Fantastic Four and X-Men movies closer together; Fox superhero supremo Mark Millar has admitted that both franchises share the same universe and X-Men: Days Of Future Past screenwriter Simon Kinberg has come on board to tidy up the Fantastic Four script.

Sources: The Motley Fool

GS Reporter: SilverFox

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